Creating Your First StreamBase Project

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Creating Your First StreamBase Project


In this topic, we will create a new StreamBase project. StreamBase Studio uses projects to store applications and their associated files.


Throughout this tutorial, we suggest names for projects, applications, and other resources files that you will create. We will refer to those resources using the suggested names, but you are free to choose other names.

Create a Project and Generate an Application

  1. Make sure that you are in the SB Authoring perspective, which presents the views most commonly used for editing StreamBase applications. The SB Authoring button should be selected in the Perspective bar (typically in the top right corner of the Studio window):SB Authoring를 선택해서 사용하도록.  이게 스트림베이스 쓰는데 가장 기본적인 형태다. SB Authroing 선택버튼은 오른쪽 위에 있음

    If it is not, click the  Open Perspective button and switch to the SB Authoring perspective.

    SB Authoring버튼이 안보이면… 저 그림을 클릭해서 SB Authoring 화면을 선택해라.

  2. Click the  New StreamBase Project button near the top of the SB Authoring perspective.새 스트림베이스 프로젝트 버튼을 클릭…
  3. In the New StreamBase Project wizard Project name field, type MyFirstApp.새로운 프로젝트의 이름을 정하기… 그냥 MyFirstApp으로…
  4. By default, StreamBase Studio creates your project in your current workspace. Accept this setting, as well as the default options to create an empty EventFlow application file.위 화면의 기본셋팅으로…
  5. Under the option to create an EventFlow Application file, check the option, and open it now.옵션칸에 있는 Create empty eventflow application file을 선택하고…
  6. Uncheck the Create a server configuration file option, because we will not be changing the default configuration settings for StreamBase Server.Create default server configuration 을 끄고
  7. Uncheck the StreamBase Client API option, because we will not be adding custom Java components to our first application.Java build path api 뭐 어쩌고 저것도 끄고
  8. Click Finish. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation window.피니쉬~ 그리고 뜨는 메세지는 okThe two stub application files are created. Both have the same name as the project, with .sbapp and .ssql extensions. Both are added to your Package Explorer, and one of them, MyFirstApp.sbapp, is opened in the EventFlow Editor.

    이렇게 하고나면….

    두 개의 어플리케이션 파일이 생성됐다.(이상하네… 난 ssql파일은 생성이 안된다)