Why StreamBase왜 스트림베이스인가?

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자본시장 데이터양이 급격하게 늘어서, 연방정부, 이비지니스 그리고 다음 분야의 인프라를 초과하고 있다. 네놈이 이런 실시간 정보를 너희의 조직에 맞게 가장 효과적으로 어플리케이션을 개발하려면, 이때다 스트림베이스의 이벤트 프로세싱 플랫폼Event Processing Platform을 써라.

스트림베이스는~ 실시간 데이터의 흐름을 분석하는 고효율 프로그램을 빨리 만들 수 있는 도구다. 스트림베이스는 시장에서 통합 플랫폼에서 뭐 가능성을 보여줬다. 세가지면에서~

  • 빠른 개발! 이벤트 플로우 언어만으로 빠른 산업용 프로그램 개발을 빠르게 해낸다
  • 고성능! 짧은 간에 많은 처리를 한다.
  • 실시간 데이터와 역사적 데이터를 빠른속도로 조작가능한 광역기업연결성

스트림베이스 이벤트 처리플랫폼은 특허기술인 차세대 Dynamic Stream Compiler™ (DSC) technology을 이용해 엄청낮은 레이턴시로 다수의 StrealSQL quries를 순식간에 처리합니다.

스트림베이스를 쓰면 좋은점:

생산성 : Organizations can build and deploy real-time systems in a fraction of the time vs custom-coding or other alternatives. The learning curve is fast with StreamBase, and it is also easy to modify and maintain applications with StreamBase.

성능 : StreamBase processes messages at rates of up to hundreds of thousands of messages/second on a single CPU—a factor up to ten times faster performance vs. alternatives. StreamBase also scales to any data volume, enabling you to process the data you have now and may have in the future, with near-zero latency — and you can do so with 1/10 the hardware and processing resources vs. other alternatives. 통합이 편함? ,쉬움~ : By leveraging StreamBase’s fast, flexible interfacing to multiple data streams, messaging systems, applications, databases, and financial services data feeds (where applicable), customers realize rapid time to success with lower project risk. 완성도: Because StreamBase has been deployed in a variety of mission-critical systems across multiple industries for years, the product is feature-rich, robust and reliable to support your enterprise-class needs. In addition, advanced enterprise capabilities ranging from security to high availability are readily available and are proven in the most demanding environments. 수익성: StreamBase helps customers build solutions which generate new revenues and reduce costs and risks. StreamBase customers report increases in profitability of up to $20M/year by leveraging StreamBase to more effectively make instantaneous decisions.

스트림 베이스가 필요한 분야?

Typically, enterprises that must analyze and instantly act upon fast moving data have adopted StreamBase. It is not surprising that the capital markets industry comprises the majority of our clients, and our customers include 6 of the top 10 global investment banks(투자은행 우옷~), multi-billion dollar hedge funds(헷지펀드 ㅎㄷㄷ), and exchanges(외환들..? 딜러말인가?), These firms are deploying StreamBase into a variety of strategic areas(이런 회사들은 전략적 분야를 스트림베이스를 이용해서 ), such as real-time P&L and risk management(실시간 P&L(profit and loss)과 위험관리), market data infrastructure, automated trading(바로이것! 자동거래), pre-trade compliance, and position management. However, the need for a reliable-enterprise-class infrastructure exists in other sectors as well, and StreamBase customers also include government/intelligence agencies, multi-player online gaming companies, large Web portals and virtual 3-D communities, and ISVs in anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, network monitoring and other areas.

StreamBase clients build applications fast, run them fast, and profit fast.

Learn more about what StreamBase can do for you.

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