Launching StreamBase Studio

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Launching StreamBase Studio

Purpose 목표

If you have read the first topic, you should know enough of the basic StreamBase terms and concepts to start the tutorial.

앞단원을 읽었으면 스트림베이스에 대해 개념은 잡았겠다.

In the tutorial, we will build and run a very simple application that takes a stream of stock trade data, and selects from them only trades above a certain number of shares. We will also create a feed simulator that enters test data into the running application, so that we can verify whether the application works as expected.

이 튜토리얼에서 주식 거래 데이터를 가지고 아주 간단한 어플리케이션을 만든다.  그리고 주식 몇 개 거래 해 본다.

그리고 feed 시뮬레이터도 만들어본다.

Let’s begin by starting StreamBase Studio.

자 시작~

Prerequisites 필요조건

If you are running the StreamBase Trial kit, a license file was automatically e-mailed to you when you downloaded the kit. The license for the full version is e-mailed to you by a StreamBase Systems representative.

스트림베이스 트라이얼 킷을 쓰고 있다면 라이센스 파일은 자동적으로 이메일로 전송됏을거다.

You can run StreamBase Studio and design applications without a license file, but before you can run or debug applications in Studio, your license file must be copied to the etc directory of your installation. For details, see Configuring a StreamBase License.

라이센스 없이 실행은 되는데… 디버깅은 안된다. 디버깅 전에 라이센스 파일을 설치경로의 etc폴더에 옮겨주라.

Start StreamBase Studio 시작하자

  1. Open the Workspace Launcher: 프로그램 시작~

    On Windows

    On a Windows machine, launch StreamBase Studio in one of the following ways: 

    • On the Start menu, select Start → (All) Programs → StreamBase n.m → StreamBase Studio.
    • From the desktop, double-click the StreamBase Studio desktop icon.

    On Linux

    On a Linux machine, launch StreamBase Studio by entering the sbstudio command at a shell prompt. 

  2. Choose a workspaceA workspace is a directory in your file system that contains the projects, files, and other resources that you create with StreamBase Studio. You might maintain several workspaces, each with a different development focus, or each used with a different release of StreamBase.워크스페이스 정하기. 맘에드는 경로 설정… 기본경로를 그냥 써도 된다.

    Click OK to open StreamBase Studio using the default workspace path. If you are opening StreamBase for the first time, a new workspace is created and initialized with default StreamBase Studio settings. If you are using an existing workspace, all your files and any customized settings are preserved from the last time you used it.

    To specify a non-default workspace, before clicking OK you can click Browse to switch to a different, existing workspace, or enter the name of a new directory to create a new workspace.

Summary and Next Steps

In this topic you have learned how to start StreamBase Studio and choose a workspace. You are ready to create a StreamBase project and application.

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