Windows7 64 Groovy 설치

1 minute read

Heya, this tutorial will teach you how to install groovy. This tutorial only works on Windows Vista/7.

1.) First off, you need to download Groovy <– click “Binary Release” of any version. Newest is 2.0.1

2.) Second, download a JDK (Java Development Kit) accept license agreement and select version.

3.) Go into your start menu and right click “computer” and select “properties”.

4.) It brings up the control panel. On the sidebar, select “Advanced System Settings” and click “Environment Variables” near the bottom.

5.) At the top it says “User Variables for [username]” click “New” and type “GROOVY_HOME” this location is where you installed groovy. Mine for example is   “C:\Users\Michael\Scripting\groovy-2.0.1” and select ‘OK’

6.) Select “New” again. name this one “JAVA_HOME” this is where you put your JDK. Mine for example is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_07”

7.) Select “New” one last time. name this one “PATH” and inside that put “%GROOVY_HOME%\bin;%PATH%”

8.) Press ‘ok’ to get out of everything, making everything confirmed.

you should now have groovy installed properly. you can open up the command prompt and type “groovy” and press enter. You now have groovy installed properly, enjoy!

NOTE: to open groovy go to either your command prompt and type “start groovyConsole” or go to your groovy directory, inside the bin, and double-click on the batch file named “groovyConsole”

you can learn groovy at: